10+ Cats That Are Completely Against Productivity


Cats are fun to be with because with them, it’s easy to do what you like to do instead of what you should be doing. This is why most of the cat hoomans find it difficult to work from home.

Here are some cats who are completely against productivity. Have a look at them and you will know why!


If you have a cat, working from home is just impossible. You will end up spending all the time with your cat.


Cats have found the perfect place to take a nap.

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When you find your cat doing something on your laptop and you have no clue what is going on. “Just don’t click send on the email that you typed!”


Laptops have become the new place to sleep for your cats. You need to get a new laptop for yourself now.


When your piano lessons end up with your cat playing the piano, you have become a true cat hooman.


When you have cats to help you out with everything and there is nothing to worry about.


A cat doesn’t like to be disturbed when it’ sunbathing. You better let it be that way.


A cat hooman’s hand is always a resting pillow for their cat.


Team work is very important and cats understand this very well.


When your cat does yoga even in his sleep and you have no clue what’s wrong with him.


Always trust your cat, but not when he starts playing with your laptop.


When you don’t let your cat sleep on the keyboard, so he sits and stares at you till you start feeling guilty about it.


This is how cat hoomans have been working from home all this while. So if you ever get an email from a cat hooman in cat language, please ignore.


A cat will do what it wants and won’t even explain. So don’t wait for any explanations.


With this innocent look, cats can make their hoomans do anything they want.

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