10+ Of The Best Tweets About Cats Just Because They’re Claw-Some


Cats are always doing something or the other amusing. There is nothing boring in a cat’s life or their hooman’s. Once a cat enters your life, everything becomes pawsome! All you have to do is get a cat and half of your problems will be over.

Here are some of the best tweets about cats just because they’re claw-some. Have a look at these pictures and you will know how pawsome cats are!


Humans keep on messing up their life. There’s a lot that humans can learn from the cats. Instead of messing your life, you should start following your cat instead.


The mystery of the missing paws is finally resolved.

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There’s a very special bond between cats and their hoomans. A cat hooman can do anything for his cat.


All the introverts out there who don’t like interacting with humans would be really glad to read this.


Cats always make sure that their hoomans are always safe. When the world is scared of the pandemic, cat hoomans are just enjoying time with their cats.


Cats are the exact opposite of dogs and now you know why.


You can’t categorize cats because they are way too different from everyone else. Cats belong to some other planet, but they have settled well here as well.


Cats do what they like and their hoomans don’t even get to know about it most of the time.


When your cat has nothing else to do and decides to stare at you whole day long.


This is what cats do after completing their masterpiece. They leave it to the hoomans to clean up all the mess.


Cats are marvelous and really good at everything that they do.


This is how it looks when the impossible happens.


You can never understand a cat’s logic. It will do what it wants to do.


For pets, there is a different definition of comfortable.


Our furry friends certainly know how to melt our hearts.

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