15 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Master Thieves


Cats don’t care what people think about them. They don’t need anyone’s permission to take what they want. People may call it stealing, but cats always take what’s theirs. Here are some pictures that prove cats are master thieves. Have a look at these pictures and you will know all about it!


Cats always know what’s worth stealing.


Cats have a thing for destroying their hooman’s slippers. Maybe they think that their hoomans will stop going out if they are left with no footwear.

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Cats are super curious about everything they know and they don’t rest till their work is accomplished. “What does this string do? Let me pull and see!”


It’s a bad thing to eat an entire pizza all by yourself. You should always share it with your cat if you don’t want him to steal it.


The dog has to manage with the cat’s bed when the cat wants the bigger bed.


When you don’t buy treats for your cat, this is what your cat will do. “Did you eat my money, little kitty? I was going to buy you some treats.”


Cats love fish and everyone knows it. It’s your fault if you can’t save your fish from the cat.


When cats like to collect little things and add it to their treasure house.


Almost there. Maybe I should stretch a little and I will reach there.


When you catch your cat amidst the stealing and he tries to act all innocent, you should just play along.


Only god knows what these cats are up to. There is no way any human can ever figure out.


Food is the easiest target for cats. They never leave a single chance to steal food.


Have you ever wondered why you are only left with one sock and the other one just magically disappear? It’s your cat’s doing and none others.


You can never stop a cat from eating your fish.


When you leave your food unattended and there is a cat around, this is bound to happen.

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