Meet Apricot, The Two-Faced Kitten That Has Won Us Over With Her Unusual Looks


The Nashville Cat Rescue had new entrants recently. A kind family took two adorable kitten siblings to the rescue home in Nashville, Tennessee. The family was doing their construction work when they found these abandoned kittens in a wall.

The abandoned cats were immediately taken to the shelter where the foster care volunteers welcomed them.

Kiki, one of the foster care volunteers decided to take these kittens to the cat mom duo Pickle and Olive. These rescued mom cats have recently had babies of their own.

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The new cat moms quickly accepted the kitten siblings Pretzel and Apricot. The little kittens were just two to three weeks old. They were welcomed into their shared litter.

Looking at the cats, you can see that there is something unusual about Apricot’s appearance. She is a genetic chimera cat that is a rare natural occurrence. The cat is very special.

The foster parent Kiki slowly brought the two kittens Pretzel and Apricot to the new mom cats Pickle and Olive. The adult cats were trapped in a cat colony of the Greater Nashville area.

Kiki said,

The family that was working to assist this colony determined that the girls were friendly & also both pregnant! When they contacted the rescue, they had I ask—that the girls stay together, even when it was time for them to be adopted.

Olive and Pickle were very shy at first. They would greet Kiki with growling and hissing initially. The two cats loved each other and were very comfortable together.

Kiki shared,

I spent as much time as I could with them, while still respecting their need for space. I even sat on the floor and worked on my laptop most days. I wanted to ensure as the babies came that they were comfortable with me assisting as needed, or just doing the simple necessities like weighing the kittens on a daily basis.

In addition to their little kittens, Pickle and Olive gladly accepted Pretzel and Apricot. All the cats are very happy together.


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